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John Hawkwood's Blackfoot Sun
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John Hawkwood's Blackfoot Sun: SHE

John Hawkwood's Blackfoot Sun: SHE

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"The Queen of The Scene" by John Hawkwood's Blackfoot Sun

"The Queen of The Scene" by John Hawkwood's Blackfoot Sun

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Press Information

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      John Hawkwood's Blackfoot Sun was rechristened in the summer of 2018 when G.M.H. Thompson became disillusioned by the musical direction the first band he started, Thee Oswalds, seemed to be taking. Despite playing the RFT's ShowcaseSTL 2018 & opening Whiskey War Fest 2018, Thee Oswalds seemed to be getting faster & louder, & G.M.H. was sick of it. People couldn't hear any of the vocals or guitars most of the time. Music was supposed to be better than this. Music was supposed to be beautiful. That was the raison d'êtra for renaming the band John Hawkwood's Blackfoot Sun.

      Listening to the solo work of Nico, John Cale, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Bowie, & being broadly inspired by acts such as The Velvet Underground, The Stooges, Roxy Music, Marc Bolan's T. Rex (& also Tyrannosaurs Rex), Le Orme, The Beach Boys, The Bee Gees, Phil Spector, & King Crimson opened his mind to the mesmerizing directions music can develop in if the mindless clichéd dictates of genre are examined artistically & challenged when they prove to be unaesthetic, always with an eye to uniting both pop & high art.

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  • Halloween, October 31st :
                                                     Thursday, 10 p.m. :
         Galeria Obscura :
                                                2720 Cherokee St.,
            St. Louis, MO 63118
                                                     Free Show for Michael's Birthday

  • The Saint Louis International Film Festival (closing ceremony) :                                            Sunday, November 17th, 8:30 p.m. :
        The Tivoli Theatre,
                                            6350 Delmar Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63130
    Free Show

  • Saturday, November 23rd :
                                                                                Red Fish, Blue Fish :
    7 Hawks Nest Plaza, St Charles, MO 63303

Guitars Sax 3_edited.jpg

                               Press Release

      Recently, the Riverfront Times wrote an article about a song John Hawkwood's Blackfoot Sun recorded and released on Floating Island Records, a tune entitled The Ballad of Elizabeth Cooke. It was written by G. M. H. Thompson & produced and recorded by Brit Lockhart, head of Floating Island Records:

      John Hawkwood's Blackfoot Sun has recently finished recording a second full-length album at Blue Lotus Studio, 14 new songs G.M.H. Thompson wrote for Saint Louis, including "Make Saint Louis High School Again", "The Queen of The Scene", "Daddy Suicide", & "The Dad That Got Away". This album is entitled "The Perfect Hand". It will eventually be pressed to vinyl. Various bootleg versions of it at various stages of its development are out there.

      G.M.H. Thompson is currently collaborating with Chris Powers Jr. (of 7 Shot Screamers), Kyle Kostecki & producer Joe Sparks to create a concept album & mystery cult of rock 'n' roll entitled "The Epic of Thunder-Cry: A Space Opera, Galactic Ballet & Zoroastrian Death-Cult". The sound of this LP is much indebted to folk and early 70s English glam, but also possesses undeniable dream pop and art rock vibes. This will probably be the first album G.M.H. Thompson presses to vinyl.

      Because G.M.H. Thompson knows Sri, and because Sri recently bought a studio, G.M.H. Thompson is also currently making another full-length album, to be entitled "Some Call Him . . . Tim?", which will be released on vinyl at some unknown point in the future.

      The debut LP of John Hawkwood's Blackfoot Sun, "Thee Wizard of Os" is 14 songs & 43 minutes in length. G.M.H. Thompson is the sole songwriter and producer of "Thee Wizard of Os". Vinyl records of it will be pressed eventually. "Thee Wizard of Os" was recorded & mastered at Blue Lotus Studio.

"Risen from the ashes of propulsive proto-punk act Thee Oswalds, John Hawkwood's Blackfoot Sun sees songwriter (and occasional RFT contributor) G.M.H. Thompson turn his attention toward a distorted and warped vision of art rock."

                                 --The Riverfront Times



      G.M.H. Thompson is a published poet who debuted with two chapbooks in 2018,--  the first, entitled "Yard Sale at the Devil's Petting Zoo", with Spartan Press (Kansas City), & the second, simply called "Kitsch", with Bad Jacket (Saint Louis).

      In addition, verse by him has appeared in such publications as The Charition Review, Scifaikuest, Road Not Taken: Journal of Formal Poetry, Xanadu, & two Scurfpea Publishing annual poetry anthologies (for 2016 & 2017), as well as a number of others.

      G.M.H. is currently working on a themed series of 100 sonnets, as well as an archipelago of haiku.

      In 2021, G.M.H. Thompson was nominated for a Pushcart Award in poetry regarding one of his poems (it remains to be seen as to whether this will result in an actual Pushcart Award).


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