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Concerning "Making It" & Other Nonsense

It seems like everybody's dreaming about trying to "make it"-- to me, that was never really something I considered as a actual possibility. It's not the 60s anymore, or even the 90s, and anybody who thinks they're gonna somehow magically "make it" is out of sync with reality. However, I do know that it's a tempting myth, and that's why people keep drinking from the poison well of "making it"-- they figure 'Oh, if only I can sing just the right words with just the right delivery & just the right instrumentals & have just the right person listen to it, oh, then my whole life would change over night!', when in reality, nowadays, all the top prize fights about who gets to "make it" are rigged-- the industry illuminati (who is probably the real Illuminati) selects a singer from the upper crust of the upper crust who looks good in a universally appealing way, they get stooges like Max Martin to use a factory of human & A.I. songwriters to crank out exactly the same sort of 4 or 3 chord, completely synthetic, completely quantized, completely digital songs they've been gluing together for the last 30 years, and Auto-Tune guarantees that there are no mistakes. Then the song's exposure is saturated everywhere on the radio, streaming platforms, & even physical stores, bludgeoning the public into liking it, which they will probably start out leaning towards anyways since all the songs the modern music monster cheaply manufactures are essentially the same song, and the ear usually likes hearing what it's already heard, since it's comfortable with what it's already heard. The game is rigged from top to bottom & everywhere in between. So, no, I don't really have any desires or illusions regarding "making it". What I want is to get to the point where I've lifted off the ground comfortably, where I can play shows to decent sized audiences regularly & share my music in a way that is real & fulfilling; I'm not trying to land on the moon or conquer Mars.

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